As a Digital Designer for the Revlon Brand I have worked on the following brands: Almay, American Crew, & Creative Nail Designs (CND). Social Media Design & Strategy is a top priority in todays' marketing. Organically engaging with the consumer and creating compelling content are among some of the top priorities when managing a social account. 


In a world where the average consumer sees 4,000 to 10,000 advertisements a day, it is extremely important to create interesting/informative/engaging content. Still assets don't hold the attention of the target audience nearly as well as motion. Motion has the ability to captivate a consumer and typically leads to longer user engagement. Having the ability to leverage still assets and create dynamic motion graphics is of the upmost importance in an ever-changing environment.


Coupling story-telling whether in motion graphics or video & audio allows us to further engage with consumers. Video is one of the most powerful tools ever created, it gives us insight into the lives of humans, allowing us the ability to see life through someone else's eyes. It is a time machine, taking you to a different era. It is a resource that can change the minds and opinions of the people around the globe.