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"I'm going to make everything around me beautiful, that will be my life."

- Elsie De Wolfe

Photo:  KC Tomita

Photo: KC Tomita


I am simple @art, & in heart. I race through these moments as if I were being timed, the clock. My life passes by as if I had seen it somewhere before. It reminds me of these things, these moments of definition, in which I have known, deep in the pit of my stomach, as if a part, in some sort of old flick. My head wanders with my eyes and I find myself glimpsing and gazing into nothingness, which just so happens to be everything anyone, may or may not have seen, past & present. I move through this space with no fear in my heart, for this is just one, one second, one moment, without hesitation, each decision, paves our future. Bullshit. Or is it? I am a designer, not a psychologist, but what is the difference, subjectivity vs. objectivity? Bullshit. I know what I experience, and until I feel the needle break skin, hear the laughing of the innocent one, see the balloon contrast the sky, I am present and knowing of what has been known, to me. I make art, for you and for me, & sometimes in between. A moments notice, half grown, huge dome, broken motives, push through, hell fire, sitting still makes the mind retire. I create, so I am a chemist, creating and feeling these potions, emotions exploding, designer for hire, sure, lets go through the motions.

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Logan Meckley